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CPR Instruction

Just In Time Training provides the Portland tri-met region with convenient CPR/AED and First Aid classes.

Our goal is for our certified, professional instructors to teach life-saving skills to as many people as possible. CPR is not difficult to learn. In fact, we make learning CPR fun and stress-free while presenting time-honored techniques that work.

Wouldn't you rather know what to do when it matters most?

CPR and First Aid Classes for Professionals
and the General Public.

On-site classes available in Spanish.

  • Energetic, engaging, and enthusiastic instruction makes time in class speed by.
  • Relaxing, stress-free home environment for your CPR training experience.
  • Informative and relevant course content delivered by knowledgeable, certified instructors.
  • Public class sizes of 12 or less for personal attention.
  • Extensive scenario discussions to prepare you for real-world emergencies.
  • On site classes tailored to your requirements.
  • Classes offered on site in Spanish. En las clases de sitio disponibles en espaƱol.
  • Two year American Heart CPR Certificate.